Take Time for Your Mental Wellbeing

What does being mentally healthy mean? An optimistic state of mental health is mental well-being and this is way above from any psychiatric illness. How to live a rewarding life? Getting psychologically strong means your mind is in balance and works for you in a positive way. Your emotional condition affects daily thought, emotion, and behavior. This will also influence your ability to deal with pressures, face obstacles, develop relationships, and rebound from the failures and difficulties of life. Whether you'd like to deal with a particular psychological condition, help manage feelings, or just feel healthier and energized, you need to begin today. There are many ways to monitor your psychological wellbeing, here are some small steps you can take.

You Become What You Believe In

1. Write yourself a love letter & Practice self-care and pamper yourself

Write all the things that you love about yourself, write the things you've achieved, and all the things you are proud of. If you don't love yourself first, how else do you expect others to love you? Practice positive self-talk! While some people may call you crazy while you are in action, talking to yourself does wonder. When you are done pouring out love for yourself, spend some time doing the things you love. I take long showers, paint my nails, and play dress up. It makes me feel so much better, I look good - I feel good!

2. Positive affirmations go a long way!

Think about the best parts of your life while you're waiting for something. Imagine your dream life and write down what steps you need to take to get there. The thoughts need to put in action for them to work.

Before going to sleep, write 3 things you've appreciated from the day. Write down positive affirmations and read them before sleep. I have positive and motivational quotes written on sticky notes and stuck on a mood board beside my bed, so that's the first thing I see when I wake up and get my energy rush from.

3. Face your past, don't run from it.

Pull yourself back to the present, practicing mindfulness of your thoughts will help you keep your feet in the present. Try to explore the origin of negative thoughts. Replace them with positive thoughts when you realize their presence. I start by writing down 5 things that I'm grateful for. Just 5 things that make my world seem like a better place. When I can't think of grateful things, I go back and read my old ones.

4. Get rid of any negativity in your life.

Social detox is very very important. Take a social media break for the day and focus on the life around you. Unfollow negative social media accounts. Follow the ones that bring you joy, that are educational and talk about real problems that have to be talked about.

I believe in letting go of what doesn't bring you happiness, friends, family, job, or even the house help! But I call someone you love that you haven't talked in a while and it helps. Always.

5. Focus on you!

Go for a walk without looking at your phone, focused on your surroundings. Read or watch something that's good for your mental health. Imagine your happy place whenever you feel anxious. Focus on resting and relaxing today and go to bed early. Whenever you can take 3 full deep breaths.

This life is about you and everyone else is just a fragment of it.

Lastly, Journal. Just write everything that goes on in your head. One way you can cope with any emotional experience is to find a safe way to release your emotions. Journaling is a useful tool to manage your mental health.

Having a journal will help you determine what triggers your pain, emotional distress, or anxiety, when you have, are in an emotional turmoil and feel depressed. You can focus on a strategy to address these challenges and reduce the depression after you recognize the stress-inducing factors.

Remember the journal is just one component of a healthier lifestyle for effective control of pain, anxiety, and mental wellbeing. It has to begin with you <3

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